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Bill's Forensic Research.

This week in WRAL News, there's this story about a rather disturbed individual who had disposed of the remains of his ex-girlfriend by using a patio grill. The first question that came to me was, How did he burn the bones?
Local law enforcement says that the body has been completely destroyed, and there's no need for an expensive and exhaustive search of the landfill.

What makes this story particularly interesting to me is that, mere weeks ago, I have done an investigation of my own concering the possibility of finding the body of our dear DK in a landfill, and about burning bones.
In the confession of Dalzell, he says that he had placed the body in a dumpster in Wilmington. I found it curious that, in all the newspaper stories I've read, I have found no mention of an attempt to find the body in Wilmington. So I decided to look into it.
Contacting the Wilmington Police Dept., I have learned that a dumpster in or near the City of Wilmington, when emptied, has its contents taken to a facility north of the city which has a landfill and an incinerater. (On Hwy 421 N)
It has long been believed by some of us that the body of our dear DK has been incinerated with the Wilmington trash.
I have this friend named Vicki who I talk to on my computer often. When I shared with her the information exchanged with the Wilmington Police Dept. (who were very nice, by the way) she told me that bones don't burn in a trash incinerater. Well, at least not like they do in a crematory.
Now this got me going. I found out soon that the temperature inside a crematory is frightenly high (not to mention the energy used!) at around 1600 to 1800 degrees!

I shared this info with John Allore, and he refered me to the Forensic Anthropology Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. I learned lots of interesting things from the website before making e-mail contact. I learn that it is entirely possible that a body in a dumpster can go from the trash truck to the landfill without anyone's detection. (Usually there will be someone standing behind the truck when it dumps.) Anyone who has witnessed a trash truck picking up a dumpster would understand why the driver would never see what's in there.
So maybe we can still find a body in the landfill? I ask about this, and I'm told the search for human remains in a landfill is an astronomicaly daunting task, but it has been done. I am also told how to find student volunteers to help with the undertaking, should I decide to take it on.

But then, John has another interesting piece of information for me.
It is believed by the Carrboro Police that Dalzell was not telling the truth about where he put the body. In his confession, Dalzell was asked if the dumpster he placed the body in had the letters, "BFI" marked on it's side. He said "yes." Both the Carrboro Police and the Wilmington Police confirm that the City of Wilmington does not contract with this sanitation company, and did not during the year of 1997.
They do, however, serve the Chapel Hill and Carrboro area.
If it is true that Dalzell was in fear of his life if he did not reveal the location of the body, it seems he still wanted to keep it a secret. Who knows why?

What does this all mean? It means, dear friends, that the body of our DK may still be found somewhere, someday, and maybe closer to home.
These things have been known to happen. Consider the recent finding of a skeleton in the Oxford area.
As for the one about the guy who burned an entire human body on two patio grills, stinking up the whole neighborhood, perhaps we need to look more carefully into that.

Special thanks to all I have mentioned for helping me gather this information.
Bill Widman
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Reference: "Body Burned on Patio Grill" occurred March 16, 2007 in Houston, Texas. Victim is Thynesha Stewart.(19) Killer is Timothy Wayne Shepherd.(27)