Saturday, August 03, 2013

Putting Castro Away

It was back in May, just a few months ago, when the news reached us that three young women who were missing, had escaped from their captor.
This was big news indeed!
Three girls were abducted, all in the same neighborhood, and were missing for over ten years.
Now we all know that when they are missing for that long, the chances are very slim that they will ever be seen alive again.
But it happened!

I wanted to write this up, but so did all the websites about missing persons, (or almost all) and they had gotten a head start on me. What could I add to it? I would only be repeating what everyone else was saying. So I decided to wait and see what happens.

I didn't have to wait long!
While summer is still here, the monster had already been tried!
It's about time they quit messing around when it comes to taking care of business like this. Not only the same year, but the same season! When was the last time that happened in America?

I especially like what Marc Klaas had to say about it.

And I'm glad they did away with all that "Aw the poor little schmuck who never had enough opportunities while growing up " kind of crap. We can do without making excuses for crimes of this magnitude.

Need I remind my fellow Americans that it is the victims we should feel sorry for?
Well, if that be the case.,,20722181,00.html

Lets hope our state, and the rest of our nation, can take an example from Ohio.
(I never thought I'd be saying that!)
Less than a month into his sentence and the man hangs himself. It seems he couldn't take what he dished out.