Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kitty Christmas

How many times have you wanted to give someone a cat for Christmas, but just didn't know how to wrap it? What perfect gifts they make. They eat less than dogs, they don't chew up your shoes, and for keeping your lap warm on a cold winter night, there's nothing better!

Well now, thankfully, someone has found out how to gift wrap a kitty, and has made this video to show us just how easy it is. Yes, wrapping cats is so much easier than wrapping dogs, rabbits, or porcupines. And after you see this, you may want to give a cat to everyone on your gift list!

But don't send me one, please. I already have a cat, and we're very happy together, thank you very much!

Now here is a must-see cartoon from "the Oatmeal."

My cat Lydia and I have written a song for us, to celebrate Christmas and to remind us how special cats are.
To the tune of "Holly Jolly Christmas," we present...

Pretty Kitty Christmas

We'll have a pretty kitty Christmas
and in case we have a storm
I'll take a nap upon your lap
and help to keep you warm.

We'll have a pretty kitty Christmas
and I'll let you stroke my fur
you can pat me all you want
and listen to me purr.

Ho Ho! It's gonna snow!
What you think of that?
It's good you got some wood
to keep warm with your cat.

We'll have a pretty kitty Christmas
and in case you didn't hear,
Oh how giddy, we'll have a pretty kitty
Christmas - this year!