Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Do we have a witness?

My apologies for not posting this news before, but I had a lot to check out about it, and do not wish to be responsible for false rumors. I ask the readers to decide for themselves if it's true or not.
Back in March I've received a message (via the contact button on the FDK website) claiming there was a witness who saw Dalzell with the body of Debbie Key, and the information was ignored. I had a really hard time deciding how to respond to this, and asked for help from my friends. Here is the message.
A witness was interviewed in March of 2005 after Dalzell was released. The witness, Mr. Davis told Carrboro police he saw Dalzell parked on the side of the road and pulled over to help thinking Dalzell was having car trouble. Mr. Davis saw Deborah in the back seat of Dalzell’s car and told Dalzell he better get her to the hospital she does not look too good. Dalzell replied that it’s too late and said Deborah why did you make me do it?

With this new information why was Dalzell not charged with accessory to murder and tampering with evidence? This should have been an easy one for the DA. Now that Dalzell has twenty some years left of a federal sentence why is the DA not attempting to make a deal with Dalzell, offering him a concurrent sentence in exchange for a murder II guilty plea and disclosing the location of Deborah’s remains?

It appears that those involved with this case want it to never resurface, possibly due to the media attention that the DA and police received due to the fake letter and arrest warrant. Dalzell’s federal case revealed an online chat with an individual in which Dalzell was offering to break in a 13-14 year old female as a sex slave, for this person, and graphically describes how he would kill and dispose of the girl if she did not comply with Dalzell’s sex slave training. The judge in Dalzell’s federal case, in determining Dalzell’s prior criminal history, found Dalzell’s confession to Deborah’s murder "reliable" using case law of BRAXTON . Wade Barber who suppressed the confession referred to BRAUM which is 100 years old and NOT case law. How can one judge use the confession and another suppress it? Why is the DA not revisiting this case now that a federal judge found Dalzell’s confession to be reliable under BRAXTON? Deborah’s case remains unsolved due to a conflict of interest that the DA and police have.
Of course, my first reaction was to regard this as BS, but there's that annoying fact that I have no way whatsoever of proving it false. Besides, when you're dealing with a cold case, you have to consider every little clue you can get.

While still waiting for most people I've contacted to respond, (Special thanks to those who already have, especially Joy) it appears the same person has entered a comment in the blog, using the name 'jkey'. (see previous post)
Whether or not this is true, this is not something that can be ignored. I would appreciate some reader's feedback.