Monday, June 04, 2007

Joy Reports from Confession

joy said...
Today a reliable source let me in on the contents of the confession of Debbie's murder by Andrew Dalzell.

He told how he met her at Sticks and Stones, played some pool, went out for a cig and waited for his "customary 'goodbye hug'" until she came out. He then threw his cig and said "Hey Sweetie, how about my hug?" Debbie was free with her hugs, and stopped between both their cars.
Ken was locking up, and saw Deb and Andrew huggin. He beats himself up about not asking if she was OK. By all appearances she looked fine.
Andrew then waited until no one was around, and put his hand on "her bottom". She slapped him, as was in her character. To her, no meant no even if there had been previous displays of affection. There were separations in her value system. You could be friends without getting sexual.
Someone once told me Deb had been sexually assaulted. Odds were 1 in 4, so that was very likely. I am 1, as are 1 in 4 of my friends. This is why we tended to look out for one another.
Deb wouldn't think twice about setting someone straight about assuming that she would be intimate with them.
At the same time, she didn't like hurting anyone's feelings.
Some characterized this as "teasing" and if you were assumptuous enough to think you were going to get past her boundaries, I guess it was.
Andrew "snapped" when she slapped him. The rejection was too much, and he started to choke her. She did not struggle, she just looked surprised, according to Andrew's confession. She slumped toward his car, and he placed her in his back seat. He picked up her purse and cigarettes and put them in her car.

We knew when her car was found unlocked with her purse on the passenger seat that something was amiss. She ALWAYS locked her purse in her trunk, and kept the keys in her pocket. That way she would never lose her stuff.

He then says he drove to Wal Mart to get a tarp or something to cover her body. He covered her with a flannel shirt and went inside, where he paid $40 cash for a Tool Locker Box. My carpenter friends say that this would be a plastic box with handles on the side. He says he drove to the back of Wal Mart where "the marshalls would not be at that time of night." New Hope Commons Wal Mart has a road all the way around it, and in back are storage trailers and dumpsters. He says that is where he put her in the box and drove onto I-40 toward Wilmington.

There has been much debate over whether to believe him or not. He says that he stopped halfway there to duct-tape the seams of the box to seal the smell of her bowels emptying. Was she still alive? He then says he got to Wilmington and found a strip mall to the left of the road. A dumpster with metal construction debris and drywall was 1/2 full. He says he "reverently, in some small fashion to make up for what he had done" slowly lowered her into the dumpster.
My question is: how can a 19 year old slightly pudgy kid slowly lower close to 150 pounds of body and box into anything? Do I buy this? Why would he confess to part of it and then make some up? Is he trying to save his butt?

He says he and his girlfriend want to start a family and live a normal life. Was that why he had child porn on his computer? There is a "Delete" button on every computer I know. Is it normal to try to talk a 13-year old girl into coming from West Virginia to be adopted by him and his girlfriend? Is this the way to start a family?
Reporters have asked me if I did not think it possible that he was frightened to falsely confessing.
I think that if I did not murder someone I would go to my grave professing my innocence. It is more likely that a person would plead his innocence if he were guilty. Dr. Jeffrey Macdonald comes to mind.
I did not assume Andrew's guilt until I was convinced that he is guilty. This confession seals it for me. I think the people of Stanley, N.C. have a right to know that Andrew now lives among them, leading a "normal" life.

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