Friends of Debbie Key

Friends of Debbie KeyThe story of a happy life that came to a tragic end,
and the friends who remember her...

Deborah Leigh Key was a teacher who worked with disabled kids. She is described by friends as a bubbly, effervescent person. She had contracted a form of Guillain-Barre Syndrome that had nearly killed her, but had struggled back from it, exhibiting enormous will power.

In 1997 Debbie disappeared. It is believed that she was murdered but her body has never been recovered. Her killer has never been brought to justice. Her case remains unsolved.
Because there was no body recovered there was no funeral and no memorial. This website is maintained by friends of Debbie Key in her memory. It is meant to tell her story and to record what was said in the courts, in the press, and in the public forums of blogs.

If you are a friend of Debbie Key you are welcome to email your comments and stories about her to this email contact and they will be added to this site.