Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Michaela Garecht

For anyone who is still not 100% completely outraged yet over the slack job of keeping tabs on Phillip Garrido by his parole board, I think this story would do it.

As investigators continue to look into possible connections between Garrido and some unsolved missing children cases of the same time and space, the one that stands out the most is the case of Michaela Joy Garecht. It will soon be 21 years since this girl was abducted, supposedly by the same fiend, November 1988 in Hayward, CA. The parallels between Michaela and Jaycee Dugard go on and on and on.

The mother of Michaela Garecht, Sharon Murch, has never given up hope that her daughter may yet be found alive. This mother deserves much credit for making sure everyone gets the chance to learn about her daughter's story. Here she is being interviewed by one of my favorite people, Todd Matthews, for the Missing Pieces Show.

Sharon Murch was at the scene while police were digging up bones at the Garrido home, and has been the guest on several TV and radio shows telling her story. Her faith has inspired many parents who are still hoping to find their own missing children.

This is Michaela's story on America's Most Wanted.

Michaela's story in The Charley Project.

A childhood friend who had witnessed Michaela's abduction describes what she has seen.

Her official website,
and her mother's blog.

Whether or not you believe the cases of Michaela Garecht and Jaycee Dugard are connected, you would have to agree that the parallels are remarkable, and that the spirit of Michaela's mother is truly impressive.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Phillip & Nancy Garrido

Good evening, Friends.

I don't claim to be psychic, or a prophet, or that God tells me things He doesn't tell other folks.
I do claim, however, to be able to tell when a news story is about to take off big time, and this is one of those stories.

My first clue is rather obvious. Anytime you see a story getting heavy coverage by every major news station in the country, it's a pretty safe bet it's gonna continue for awhile.

But that's not all, Folks!

We clearly see that Phillip Garrido has a long history of violent sexual offences, and that he SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN OUT OF PRISON when he began abducting young girls, of which Jaycee Lee Dugard was but only one.

Things like this tend to really piss me off, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. So there's my second clue that this is likely to really hit the fan. SHEER OUTRAGE!

But there's still more to come!
There are 3 other girls, besides Jaycee, that this deranged person is suspected to have kidnapped, whose bodies have never been found.
Yep! That's right! Three!

Michaela Garecht, age 9, abducted 3 months after Garrido was released from prison for (guess what?) kidnapping and rape, in Nov 1988.

Ilene Misheloff, age 13, abducted Jan 1989. (2 months after Michaela)

And little Amanda Campbell, only 4 years old, in 1991.

Oh but wait, there's STILL more!
Garrido has been also declared a "Person of Interest" in the murders of up to 10 prostitutes near Antioch in the late 1990's.

Then in 1999, while still on parole, he was arrested again for rape, and sentenced to seven months. (WTF?)

And to top it all off, this deranged individual claims to be a messenger of God! (Excuse me while I puke.)

So what was happening today in Antioch, CA? Police continue to search the Garrido home with cadaver dogs, underground radar, and other equipment, where they have already found a few bones which may be human.

Phillip's wife, Nancy, is just as crazy. She is now being kept in solitary confinment, because other inmates have threatened to rape and kill her, as she has done to innocent children. So Nancy spends most of her time reading her Bible. I hope she reads Leviticus 24:20 while she's at it.

So you see, Folks, this story is only just beginning!
Get ready for the storm!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

WKT? is Back Online

We don't know how or why, but it seems Google has decided to restore "Who Killed Theresa?" for the good of all concerned.
Now when you go to that Links list over there -->
and click the WKT? link, it will take you here.
Thank God!
And thanks to all the people who signed the petition.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Megan Maxwell

Since Jaycee Lee Dugard has been found alive, the missing persons I have heard the most about are Kelly Morris and Megan Maxwell.

Monica Caison, who has become a special person to me this year, was the first to call the case of Megan Maxwell to my attention. For me, this is a story that, the more I learn about it, the closer to home it becomes.
After checking out what YouTube has about Megan, I've decided this video gives a pretty good idea of how people are affected when a person goes missing. So much of what I see here is so familiar.

If you wish to learn all you can about Megan Maxwell without spending all day web surfing, I suggest you try 'Help Find the Missing,' where they have, at this time, four pages about her story.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Shanksville PA 9/11 Memorial

We all know the story of what happened in America on September 11, 2001. Evil terrorists made a series of attacks on our nation using American commercial airliners as weapons. The attack that got the most attention was the World Trade Center in New York.

An attack that didn't get as much attention was near Shanksville, PA. That one made the least amount of damage, as the plane crashed down on an empty field, killing only those who were on board. Yet, it was the most heroic.

The courage of the passengers and crew of United Airlines Flight 93 defeated the efforts of the hijackers, causing the plane to crash a long way from the intended target of Washington, DC, and away from any heavily populated areas. Because these people were brave enough to fight back, hundreds of lives have been spared.

New York City was a major disaster area, and the Pentagon in Arlington, VA was under heavy guard. But in that field in rural Pennsylvania, there was nothing to keep people away who came to see where the plane went down. People were walking around with tears in their eyes, thinking about those who lost their lives to save others. After the flames were out and the smoke had cleared, people began working on a memorial.

The true beauty of the memorial that was built on that site was that it was done entirely by private citizens. There were no committees, no town meetings, no assignments, just people wanting to express their sympathy for what happened there.

For a long time afterward, people were traveling from all around the country to visit the crash site, bringing memorabilia with them to add to the display. One of the first things erected on the site was a chain link fence that the visitors used to display their various items. Others brought signs, plaques, and sculptures. Many brought flowers and flags. Soon it became the largest makeshift shrine in America, if not the whole world.

Eventually, the US Government decided they didn't like the idea of citizens doing their job, and sought to make the crash site into an official memorial park. Everyone liked the idea, of course, except for the part about the government wanting to take credit for it, the bad taste of the "crescent" design, and the fact that they were so bound and determined to prove they could do such a better job than everyone else, that they went way overboard on how much land they would need, and how much to spend on it. This is why it took so long to reach an agreement on it.

So now, eight years later, the plans are officially under way to build this great big park that will cost millions of dollars, to be completed in time for the 10-year anniversary in 2011. I'm sure it will all be very nice, but I would want everyone to remember it was the people who started it. Just ordinary, everyday, American people.

For an impressive example of what American people are capable of doing on their own, take a look at the pictures on this website.

Just as in the case of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing, there are those who believe this whole 9/11 thing didn't really happen, that it was all just a big hoax. They have yet to convince me.

Special thanks to Chris Hurlbert, whose stories and photos have inspired me to write this.