Monday, June 04, 2007

From Tammy Preslar Strickland

tammy preslar strickland said...
I am a sister; wife; mother; friend and coworker.
I would hope that if anyone whom I loved vanished, there would be some type of justice. For the ones in which have followed the proceedings with their heart and soul, they have no more closure and reassurance than the families of the victims loved ones.
If I did not do my job, I would assume that I would be without a job.
What message does that send to potential victims, or worse, to potential criminals? If the judicial system is so that we cannot even take a confession and do proper justice for the crime, in my opinion, something needs changing immediately.
I hope and pray I never have to endure what my sister has endured.
The loss of faith in things we must have as a society frees one up to wonder if vigilante justice needs to return.
If anyone murdered anyone I know and love, I would want justice.
I would want closure.
I would want somebody, praying the right person, would be convicted, to pay their dues.
It is the authoritarians in control whom need to be sure we as civilians can put our trust and faith in them as a system of right, and not wrong. It is not right when someone admits to any crime, large or small, and does not have to pay restitution.
I pray the loved ones of Debbie Key will see justice before they pass from this earth.
If not, their actions and convictions will go unnoticed and in vain.
I hope if I know of anyone whom has this type of tragic outcome happen to them, they have someone like Joy and all others to pursue what the police cannot, or will not.
Tammy Preslar Strickland.

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Bill Widman said...

Thank you, Tammy.
That was beautiful!