Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sharron Prior Tribute

Doreen Prior is a special friend of mine in Quebec.
She had this video made in memory of her sister, Sharron.
I cannot keep my eyes dry while watching it.
You will find the link to the Sharron Prior Website on my links list.
This is too beautiful not to share.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Debbie's Birthday

Call me a sentimental old fool if you will, but I still remember Debbie Key's birthday. She was born September 21, 1962.
Here's a little ditty I wrote for her.

Ode to Debbie Key

I never met a person who could do less harm
Never met a person who could be more warm
But I know a lot of people who will say to you
that her life was full of gladness
and her heart was true.

Happy and free is the only way to be
So long as you maintain responsibility
Always had a smile for folks like you and me
That's the way we remember our friend, Debbie Key

She lights up every house that she's going to
She makes the world better just by walking through
Living in the world is fun when she's around
She always makes you smile - she never lets you down
Everyone says how she's so kind and good
She's loved by everybody in the neighborhood.

No one around here has ever had a fear
That in a town the size of Carrboro, one could disappear
She vanished in the night, and has since been out of sight
but left a loyal group of friends
and we're all still here

Can anybody tell us, where did our Debbie go?
Some say she went to Heaven, others say we just don't know
But anyway you look at it, one thing we know is true
is that she made the world better just by walking through
Happy and free as the only way to be
that's the way we remember our friend Debbie Key

Monday, September 01, 2008

The Assumption Song

The song is by Arrogant Worms, a Canadian group I've become a fan of this year.
Happy Labor Day to all my readers. I'm glad some of you found time for a visit over the long weekend. Ya'll come back now, Hear?