Monday, June 04, 2007

Comment from Bill W.

Bill W said...
I agree with quietdude.
Among my best friends are Chris and David, who live in Carrboro. Debbie was a bridesmaid at their wedding. Another close friend is Joy, who we have also heard from. She and Debbie go back many years. There are quite a few people I often see and hear from today who have shared a friendship with Debbie Key. So to me, as well as my friends, Debbie is a lot more than just a murder victim, but a friend who is remembered very fondly.
I am sensitive to the fact that our friend Debbie has never had a memorial service or funeral, (except for a small private affair by her family) and I believe I speak for all of us when I say that we would like very much to hear from people who knew her, to honor her memory, and to share what she means to us.
To me, closure is more important than "justice", for what is justice if we cannot remember the personal influence Debbie has made in our own lives?
I do not want to see a man go to prison as much as I want to hear from people who have known this special person who has lived in our world.
A good person like Debbie Key deserves a good final tribute from all of us.
Thank you
Bill W

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