Saturday, March 29, 2008

Remembering Sharron Prior


It was 33 years ago today that Sharron Prior was brutally murdered.
It was a Saturday, same as this year, but it was Easter Weekend, in Point St. Charles, Montreal, Quebec.

Sharron Prior was a beautiful 16 year old angel of a girl who was getting ready for Easter when she was raped and beaten to death. The Prior family has never been able to enjoy Easter since then. Her killer(s) has never been found. Her family remains without closure.

Sharron's sister, Doreen Prior, maintains a website in her memory.
I have met Doreen through the blog of Who Killed Theresa?, and we have become pen pals. Doreen has never given up on bringing her sister's case to a close.
Today she is very active in the efforts of helping to solve cold cases, finding missing persons, and lending support to grieving families.

I am asking all visitors to this blog to visit the Sharron Prior Website today. This time of year is a very difficult time for this family. Please remember Sharron, and help to make this day a little less painful for the Prior family, who have all done so much to serve others in need.

Please refer to the Sharron Prior link on the Links List on the right of this page.
Thank you very much.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Missing Pieces Interviews Bill Widman

Click Here For the Interview

I wish to thank all of my friends here in NC for the moral support and encouragement to pull this off.
I also wish to thank Todd Matthews and the blogging team of "Who Killed Theresa?" for being there for me.
I love you all! --BW--

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Peter Cottontail

Now let's take the old Bunny Trail down to Memory Lane and see how many of us remember this cartoon from the 1950's.
Let's see some hands! Oh come on, now. I know some of you are old enough.
Happy Easter from Bill and all his friends!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another Killer Busted in Durham

Those who were around this part of NC during Christmas may remember there was a murder in Durham on the morning of Christmas day. Way to mess up the holiday, I thought. Well, today an arrest was made by Durham Police, and the suspect's name is Kenneth Lamont Lunsford.

"Police could not confirm whether the incident was gang related, but told NC WANTED that the crime was not random."

Now here we have in one sentence an attempt to answer two questions that everyone seems to be asking these days whenever an arrest is made.
1 - Was the crime gang related?
2 - What exactly is a "random" crime?

ALERT: In the early morning hours of December 25, 2007, Durham Police officers found a 1992 white Lincoln Town Car pinned against a guardrail.

They also found a bullet hole in the car. The driver – Jalil Stokes, 21, of North Elizabeth Street – had been shot. He soon died.

Durham PD has just announced an arrest in this murder case. NC WANTED is investigating the possibility of gang ties.

For more, go to

THIS SATURDAY NIGHT ON NC WANTED: They were once labeled as 'Missing and Endangered.' Now, authorities in both cases suspect murder. This Saturday night, join NC WANTED for the latest on the death investigations of Pamela Mikels Waldher of Fayetteville, and Jimmy Nelson Davis of Dunn.

NC WANTED airs Saturday night after the 10 O'Clock News on FOX50, and after WRAL's 11 O'Clock News on WILM-TV in Wilmington
Thanks, NC Wanted. Now tell us when you'll be showing the Debbie Key episode. I'm sure we're all looking forward to that.


Judge Craig Brown says, "NC Needs Anti-Gang Laws Now."
Check him out at

And in the News and Observer, staff writer Ruth Sheehan has written an article comparing the murders of Eve Carson and Kristin Lodge-Miller. This one is certainly worth checking out.

We have a Full Moon in Libra, Good Friday, Purim, and First Day of Spring, all happening on the same day. Now let's get ready for Easter!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Kiss Me I'm Irish

I promised a friend of mine that if the murder suspects were arrested by March 17, I would get back to the subject of St. Patrick's Day. This is what I started out with on March 1, but we know what happened after that. So may I present, through the courtesy of YouTube, my favorite song by Gaelic Storm.

For Want of a Nail

John Brownstone of Mt. Holly, NC, who wants me to mention his name, has submitted this statement to me.

"If Atwater and Lovette had been put in jail instead of on probation, Eve Carson would be alive today."

I could not get that statement out of my mind.

While pondering this I came across this information in the NC Wanted website. There is a link provided on this page for your convenience if you want to check it out.

An arrest in 2005 earned Atwater a sentence of 3 years probation. In June of 2007 Atwater had violated his probation by possession of a firearm. But it took until November of 2007 for his probation officer to process the charge for this offense. This should have placed Atwater in jail, as per the terms of his probation, but many clerical errors worked to prevent that from happening. He wasn't arrested for this violation until last month, on February 20.

On March 3 of this year Atwater and his probation officer showed up for court, where he was to be tried and sentenced for violation of probation. But yet another clerical error kept him from going to jail.
They could not find the court records in the 3rd floor courtroom of the county courthouse, and had determined the records were sent to the wrong courtroom, so the trial was rescheduled for March 31.
Where were the court records sent to?
Get ready for this.
To the 4th floor courtroom of the same building.

If you think I'm making this up, check out "MURDER SUSPECT WAS IN COURT 2 DAYS BEFORE CARSON'S DEATH" Posted March 13, 2008, Updated March 14, 2008, in the NC Wanted website at
There is was, right before my eyes. I couldn't believe it.

Again, instead of being put in jail, Atwater was turned loose, and Eve Carson was killed 2 days later on March 5.
One floor above the courtroom was the nail that was needed to shoe the horse for the rider who was needed to win the battle.

It is this writer's opinion that too many nonviolent offenders are in prison, while too many violent offenders are not.
Which would you rather have locked away?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Letter From a Reader

Not all visitors to this website are registered bloggers, and many of the comments I receive arrive via e-mail by clicking on the "Contact" tab. Since the murder of Eve Carson my inbox has been getting flooded. I have decided I should be posting some of the better messages I've been getting, and would like to start with this one.

In all branches of the US Armed Forces, military personnel are sworn in "To defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic."
Gangs are to be considered as domestic enemies of our nation, and dealt with as such.
If America is to declare war on terrorists, criminal gangs are to be included.
Gangs are terrorists by definition. They rule by force and fear. They deprive us of our freedom to walk our own streets, to feel safe in our own homes, and in Chapel Hill, our right to have our traditional Apple Chill Fair.
It is not the organizers of Apple Chill, nor the participants, who are responsible for the shoot-out that occurred on Franklin Street after the fair was over. It was a Durham street gang who was responsible. Yet it was decided to cancel the Apple Chill Fair because of this.
This is not the American way.
America does not surrender to terrorists.
Gangs of criminal nature should be regarded as domestic enemies and not as citizens.
They contribute nothing to our community but fear, death, and destruction. It is time we take steps to reclaim our right to live as a free and peaceful community in our own country.

Would anyone care to comment?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Both Suspects Now In Custody!

Can you believe it only took a week?
Early this morning Lawrence Alvin Lovette Jr. surrendered to a heavily armed Durham Police Selective Enforcement Team, just 24 hours after capturing Demario James Atwater. See story here --

As well as for the murder of Eve Carson, Lawrence Alvin Lovette is also a suspect (one of three) in the murder of Duke University graduate student Abhijit Mahato from Tatangar, India, on January 18, 2008.
See story here --

Both Lovette and Atwater have heavy criminal records, were both on probation at the time of the murder, and were both already scheduled to appear in court this month.

There will be a memorial service for Eve Carson on Tuesday March 18 at the Dean Smith Center at 4:PM. For more information on this go to --

It is still being debated if this crime is gang related or not. Readers are invited to respond. Thanks to all who have done so already.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And Another One!

Good news, if you ask me, but now these alerts just keep on coming in! I'll just post one more here for you, and remind you to look to the right of your screen, to the Links List, where you can click on NC Wanted to get to the website and read the latest updates. --- Bill W --

ALERT: Sources confirm that Demario James Atwater, 21, has been charged in the murder of UNC student body president Eve Marie Carson.

For more on this story, go to and Updates will be made available throughout the evening.

SATURDAY NIGHT: The manhunts for the killers of Eve Carson, Maria Lauterbach and Jenna Nielsen.

NC WANTED airs Saturday night after the 10 O'Clock News on FOX50, and after WRAL's 11 O'Clock News on WILM-TV in Wilmington

More from NC Wanted


ALERT: Sources close to the investigation have just confirmed to NC WANTED that Durham PD has detained a person of interest and turned over this person to the Chapel Hill Police Department. This person is now in the custody of Chapel Hill PD and being questioned at this very moment about the murder of Eve Carson.

For more on this story, go to and throughout the day.

THIS SATURDAY: NC WANTED brings you the latest on the manhunts in the cases of Eve Carson, Maria Lauterbach and Jenna Nielsen.

NC WANTED airs Saturday nights, after the 10 O'Clock News on FOX50, and after WRAL's 11 O'Clock News on WILM-TV in Wilmington

Friday, March 07, 2008

Remembering Eve Carson

Message from NC Wanted


ALERT: Chapel Hill PD just announced there is a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the murder case of Eve Marie Carson. Chapel Hill PD also released the photo of her vehicle, and will soon release the 911 call. They said they do not have the keys to her car, but do have her laptop. They believe she was shot at the location she was found. Investigators could not release other sensitive specifics regarding evidence such as bullet shell casings, etc. They still do not believe the murder case of the other northern Georgia woman attending Auburn is related at this time.

For more on this story, go to Updates will be posted as available.

Call 1.866.43.WANTED to Report A Tip, or go to and click 'Report A Tip.' Your identity can remain confidential.

NC WANTED airs Saturday nights after the 10 O'Clock News on FOX50,
and after WRAL's 11 O'Clock News on WILM-TV in Wilmington

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sad Day in Chapel Hill

Yesterday at 5:AM, at the Hillcrest neighborhood on the east side of Chapel Hill, NC, a dead body was found. There was no ID on it, and it was described as a white female aged 18 to 25 years old. Police arrived in response to calls from neighborhood residents reporting sounds of gunshots when the body was found.

This morning Chapel Hill Police announced they had identified the body. It was 22 year old Eve Carson, student body president at UNC - Chapel Hill. She had died of multiple gunshot wounds, including one to the head. They were still looking for her car, which was found today at 2:PM on North Street.

The entire day today was a very sad one on the UNC campus. Eve Carson was the 4th female student body president in UNC history, and easily one of the best loved. There were tears and hugs everywhere. A memorial service was held at The Pit, and was attended by literally thousands of students. There will be a candlelight vigil on campus tonight at 7:PM.

Eve Carson was loved by everyone, or so it seems today. It is hard to imagine she had any enemies. Yet two disturbing questions remain.
Who killed Eve Carson, and WHY?

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Irish Scenes

Allow me to introduce to you the true spirit of Ireland.
My mother's maiden name was O'Bryan. Her father came to America from County Cork.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!