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More on Allison Foy

On the night of Good Friday, Dateline NBC aired an episode on the unsolved murders of Allison Jackson-Foy and Angela Rothen.
Lisa Valentino, Allison's sister, had sent me a message to make sure I see it. She was not the only one to notify me of this, (Thank you, Friends!) but I was especially glad to hear from this one. Lisa has impressed me with her devotion to solving her sister's case.

Check it out here.

NC Wanted, as I expected, was also in on it.
Here's what they had to say:

Allison Jackson Foy disappeared in July 2006. Then, 18 months later, her remains were found in Wilmington. Autopsy results show that Allison was the victim of a violent stabbing.

Posted: Apr. 16, 2009
Updated: Apr. 16, 2009

NEW HANOVER COUNTY — When Allison Jackson Foy disappeared in July 2006, it seemed like a classic case of a woman in trouble walking away from her life.

But Allison’s sister, Lisa Valentino, couldn’t believe it. Despite the difficulties, Allison never would have walked away from her life. She had two daughters she loved very much, and always spoke up when she was in trouble.

“If she ever needed help she would pick up the phone,” said Lisa Valentino, Allison’s sister. “If things were bad where she was, she would have taken her daughters with her. She would have never left her kids behind. Never in a million years.”

A harrowing discovery in April 2008 proved Valentino’s suspicion correct. It took months for DNA analysis to confirm the remains were Allison, but Investigator Mike Overton with the Wilmington Police Department said he knew right away it was her.

But the shocking discovery didn’t end there. Allison’s weren’t the only remains found in a wooded, out-of-the-way area in Carolina Beach. Angela Nobles Rothen disappeared some 18 months after Allison vanished and police, although hesitant to use the term ‘serial killer,’ say there’s no doubt the same man killed both.

Like Allison, Rothen struggled with addiction and left children behind. Both women died by violent stabbing.

"I don’t know what that world is going to be like,” Valentino told NC WANTED after the remains were preliminarily identified as Allison. “I mean, I imagine it is going to be difficult to know that somebody took my sister’s life and they have no idea who did it. And that person is still out there somewhere."

Within two months of the discovery, police search a house, car and storage unit belonging to 47-year-old Timothy Craig Iannone, a cab driver who frequented the area where the remains were found.

According to the search warrants, Iannone has a criminal history. In August 2007, he was arrested for the kidnapping, rape and assault of a prostitute in the area near where the remains were found. He is currently on probation.

Earlier this year, the Star News of Wilmington reported that Iannone had been cleared as a suspect, and in an interview he told them he was weary of being watched all of the time.

More recently, though, police have changed their stance.

“The time I last talked to the press, we’d pretty much done everything we could at that time with him,” Overton told NC WANTED in a phone interview. “Since that time, we’ve had some additional evidence come to light for us, and he’s back on our radar. There could be other suspects out there and we are looking at other people, but Mr. Iannone is definitely back on our radar as a potential suspect.”

According to her family, Allison left work around 10 p.m. that evening and went to a friend’s house. She left a while later, and went to the Junction Pub and Billiards on Carolina Beach Road. Investigators say Allison appeared to be in good spirits when she met a friend there at 11 p.m. After staying for a few hours, witnesses say, she left the bar around 2 a.m. Police found her car in the bar’s parking lot.

Witnesses who were at the bar the night Allison disappeared have different accounts of when they last saw her. Some say the bartender called a cab to take her home and when the driver came inside, she left. Others claim Allison never left in a cab and she was seen sitting on the front steps of the bar, crying. Phone records show that she made a call to a friend in New York at 2:03 a.m.
Police feel confident Allison was killed the night she disappeared.

If you have information on this case, call NC WANTED toll free at 1.866.43.WANTED (1.866.439.2683) or click on "Report a Tip" Your identity can be kept confidential.

Allison Jackson Foy's website, maintained by her sister, Lisa Valentino, may be found via the Links List on this page.

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Funny Little Bunnies

Oh how I love these old cartoons!
I also love Easter!
Happy Easter, Everyone!