Monday, June 04, 2007

Message from Joy

joy said...
Debbie was a friend and sister to me.
We taught kids together, went to concerts, laughed and talked about everything. I miss her daily.
The night she went missing was one of the few Sunday evenings I didn't stop by Sticks and Stones because it was Thanksgiving. She came there to hear the various bands, and because it felt safe. We all felt safe there.
My son went to Culbreth Middle School with Andrew. Our friend Jenny went to church with him, and traveled to do repairs on houses for the elderly. She says that everyone loved his father, and when he died when Andrew was 14, it changed him. He hit a neighborhood girl in the head with a brick during a fit of rage, and the kids left him alone after that.

After Debbie's disappearance, and Andrew's interview with the Carrboro Police, I came upon him and another guy pulling a stunt. I was between shifts as a security guard on campus when I turned the corner at Merritt Mill Road and Cameron Avenue, headed toward the stadium. Someone was lying on the sidewalk in front of a dark green Land Rover parked diagonally on the sidewalk in front of the Physical Plant on Cameron. I pulled over, pulling my radio out and preparing to assess the situation. It looked as if someone had been hit and injured. Andrew, the one lying down, jumped up and his partner jumped out of the Rover. I asked if anyone was hurt. They both said "No, we were just fooling around." I have tried to think of what they were doing besides luring someone into the vehicle. I can't.

Knowing that Andrew and his girlfriend had contacted a 13 year old girl on the internet and tried to convince her to come to Chapel Hill to be "adopted" by them gives me reason to question his future actions. He confessed to killing Debbie whether his confession stood or not. I believe he did. One day perhaps the courts will also.

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