Monday, June 04, 2007

That's all for now

Bill Widman said...
Okay Everyone
I have now said everything that I wanted to say about Debbie.
I wanted to say something about Carl Fox, but John Allore, and a commenter of his, beat me to it.
Now those of you still inclined to pick up your torches and pitchforks and resume the chase may do so with my blessing. Should such an event occur, you can be sure I'll be writing about it.
But please remember the First of December.
Now someone else can have a turn.
Come on now, it's not that hard. Really.

BTW - Joy has suggested a candlelight vigil in the parking lot in Carrboro where Debbie was last seen, on Dec 1, or sometime Thanksgiving Weekend.
Another suggestion was for September 21, the birthday of DK.

Now it would just please the hell out of me if I was to find a comment in here from someone else when I come back.
If not, then I suppose I'll start writing about my brother, Rick Widman, who died at young age for reasons which, after explained, leave important questions unanswered.
I might also add my observations on how different personalities respond differently to the same thing, especially when it's the death of a loved one.
Then maybe I could explain why I'm not seeing much response in here. If someone else can explain it for me, I really wish you would.

"The wise do not pretend to know what the ignorant are sure of."
Bill the Wildman

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