Monday, June 04, 2007


Bill Widman said...
10 Year Anniversary

This year, on December first, will be the 10 year anniversary of Debbie's departure.
I think an observance is due to commemorate the occasion. What do you think?
Here's what I had in mind.
Does anyone remember that jogger who was killed on Estes Dr. back in the early 90's? It was near Phillips Middle School. What I remember best about that was the arrangement of flowers on that spot that kept getting bigger as more people went by. I remember the day the jurors for the killer's trial were taken to the location, and they cleared all the memorabilia away so as not to "bias" the jury with the display. Then the very next day the flowers and baskets began to appear and grow again.
Well now I was thinking we could make one of those, right here, on this website. Maybe we could get people to send in pictures, stories, and other Debbie memorabilia and arrange it together on a page. Let us make a shrine to Debbie.

If anyone else has any ideas, please don't keep me waiting.
Bill the Wildman


Bill Widman said...

Reference; Estes Drive jogger is Kristen Ann Lodge-Miller. Date of murder Thursday July 15, 1993. "Suspect" is Anthony (Tony) Simpson - convicted 2nd degree murder. Location Chapel Hill, NC

Joy said...

We are planning a vigil in the parking lot where Debbie was murdered, where she was last seen in a hug with Andrew Dalzell, who later confessed to killing her when she slapped him after he made advances. We will be lighting candles and thumping broom handles to represent the solidarity of women against violence and sexual assault. She was killed because she said "No" and for no other reason. This is not acceptable. On Nov. 30 anyone who wants is invited to gather in the parking lot across from Jade Palace. The memorial stepping stone that Debbie's mother placed there because there is no grave was removed because it was "bad for business". This is not acceptable. We will be there until 3 AM, the approximate time she was choked to death. NC Wanted, a show about cold cases, is doing a story about Debbie about this time. This is an active case. Her killer was not brought to trial, so there is no question of double jeopardy as expressed by some who have followed the case. If any new evidence is discovered, the case can be re-opened at any time. There is no statute of limitations on murder.
Please come share a prayer and a candle to light the night and state our intention to not accept Carrboro as an unsafe place. Take back the night...there are hundreds of young women out in Chapel Hill and Carrboro every weekend doing the same thing that Debbie was doing, making friends. She is dead for it. That is not acceptable.