Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Wilmington Connection?

On Thursday this week, I've had the pleasure of talking to Jim Ware of the Star-News in Wilmington. Jim works on the crime team with reporter Dave Reynolds, who writes these news stories I've been posting links for, about the skeletons found in Wilmington, and Allison Jackson-Foy.

This man wanted to talk to me about some possible connections between the cases of Allison Jackson-Foy and Debbie Key. So we did. First he mentioned that Debbie and Allison were both last seen leaving a bar where people played pool. Both were in their mid-30s. It is debated whether anyone actually saw Allison leave the parking lot.

Sometimes even a little bitty clue can go a long way, and I think we made a pretty good example of that. It is always interesting to compare the parellels and the contrasts of similar cases. Curiously, on that same day, John had written a very interesting post in the WKT? blog on that very subject.

The bones were found just 3 miles from where Allison was celebrating her recent job promotion, at Junction Billiards in Monkey Junction, on Carolina Beach Rd. Allison has been missing since the summer of 2006. Naturally, her name appeared at the top of the list of people these remains might belong to.

There is talk of the possibilty of a serial killer in Wilmington. The FBI says a killer must kill 3 or more times to make that classification, but it is apparent the 2 skeletons were not dumped there at the same time. Someone killed 2 women at 2 different times, and used the same hiding place for both of them.

So what's the connection between this and Debbie Key? I am told we will be reading about this in the Star-News in the near future. In the meantime, they want to talk to Joy. I am looking forward to hearing what she reports back to me.

Having even a rumor of a serial killer in Wilmington, at the beginning of the summer, must have a negative effect on their tourist season this year. Too bad. It really is a nice place to visit. Even Dalzell considers it his "happy place."

Yesterday was Friday the 13th. A man I had an appointment with yesterday afternoon never showed up. It is now 27 hours later, and I still haven't heard from him.
Gee, what do you suppose that means?

Today is Flag Day, June 14th.
I wonder how many people remember Flag Day anymore?
Today there is an American flag displayed in my front yard.
Who would have thought I'd remember that?

Tomorrow is Daddy's Day.

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Ellen Leach said...

My name is Ellen. I am with Porchlight for the Missing and Unidentified.
I just read " The Wilmington Connection" on Debs site.
I wanted to let you know that I totally agree with the Wilmington connection article..
In fact I had sent this into Law Enforcement on May 1st. I faxed it to investigators there in Wilmington.
Here is what was written on our site:


if these cases are tied.... both on Carolina beach Road

then this one vanishing the same way;

I have sent a Fax to Wilmington Investigators suggesting the similarities in the two cases. worth a shot!

I thought you might like to see that I was checking things out. This was even before they announced they were females.. ( I added the story to the post at a later date to show our members what I was speaking of)
Please check out our web sites when you get a chance.

Thank You,
Ellen Leach
Porchlight Missing and Unidentified