Monday, June 02, 2008

Today in History

It was one year ago today when this website, in its current version, made its first appearance on the 'Net. If you were to keep working back through the blog to the beginning, you will find this to be true. Those of us who can still remember past last year may recall the original Debbie Key website, in its one-page form.

The year 2007 was when we had the 10 year anniversary of Debbie's departure from us. I don't mind saying it was an honor for me to be managing the website at that time. I am pleased with the progress that has been made since then, and I'm feeling optimistic about the next year to come.

This year, the month of June began with a baking 88 degrees, making it really feel like summer. By evening we enjoyed a cooling rain.

The entire month of May, I've been hoping to get a report up here about the ID of the skeletons found in Wilmington. All I found was that they are still conducting the DNA test, and have sent the bones to a lab in Texas. Here it is. 

Not saying that I was pleased with the murder of Eve Carson, but I was pleased with the fact that, this time, no one tried to blame the victim.
Unlike Debbie Key and Kristin Lodge-Miller, Eve Carson was someone we read about in the paper BEFORE she was killed. We already knew who she was when the tragic news was announced, and no one questioned her character as contributing to her death.
Honestly, I was glad to see that.
Ira Yarmolenko, just last month, provided another example of the same thing. I have not heard one single negative word about her, and believe me, I have heard a great deal of praise for this individual.

So have we destroyed the myth yet? You know, the one that says we should blame the victim? If not, I'd say, at least, that the myth has had a great big chunk taken out of it, and I'm glad of it.

One sure way to offend me is to blame the victim. Yea, it pisseth me verily!

I have had the pleasure of connecting with many praiseworthy individuals through the managing of this website, including John Allore, Todd Matthews, Doreen Prior, and my special Web Goddess, Judith Gadd. I have enjoyed the opportunity to connect with other families and friends of murder victims, and we have learned a lot from each other's stories.

Yeah, I'd say I'm ready for another year.

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