Saturday, June 28, 2008

Eve Carson Trial

The Eve Carson pre-trial hearing began today.
The sealed warrants were open, all 6 of them, having been sealed to protect the identity of the informant.

The attorneys for Lovette and Atwater objected to it.
Should we expect otherwise? Consider who they are defending. If it were my job to defend the likes of these, I think I would resign.

So now we get to learn the horrible details of the final moments of Carson's life, and I'm not sure I can take it. Next they will unseal the autopsy report. I'm beginning to wonder if such info as this will inspire more of us to support the death penalty.

After you read this, you might want to hang them yourself.
Sorry about the confusion, Folks...
The trial date WAS set for Nov 2, 2009.
The trial date is NOW set for May 3, 2010.
(If they change it again I'm gonna scream!)
PLEASE NOTE: This is for the trial of Atwater. I still don't know when they will try Lovette. They are still saying prosecutors will be seeking the death penalty.


Joy said...

I watched the Dr. Phil episode which featured the Goldman family and the ghost writer of OJ Simpson's book "If I Did It" this morning. In this book, Dr. Phil states, a killer who had indeed done a crime would describe minute details that an innocent person would not know or think about. He has concluded that OJ is "confessing" in this book. He thinks that he is doing this for one of 3 reasons:

-For the money
-For the attention
-For the need to state the facts for his own redemption or arrogance

The fact that OJ is now facing serious charges for trying to get his possessions back by strong arm robbery rather than calling the police is comforting to the Goldman family... A little like Al Capone being arrested for tax evasion.

Similarly,I feel that Debbie's killer will be caught for committing another crime. Unfortunately, it may be another killing. This is the case with Eve Carson's killers, who are also charged with the murder of
a Duke student, another unsolved murder until they were caught for killing Eve.

The details of her murder are disturbing to hear, but not as disturbing as not knowing what happened. That part of Debbie's disappearance was the worst for her friends and family, as I know it must be for John Allore, to not know the identity of his sister's killer. Let us hope that time will heal all wounds.

Anonymous said...

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