Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Person of Interest in Wilmington Case

Jim Ware called me tonight to tell me Wilmington Police have released a sketch of a man seen by witnesses in the area where the skeletons were found. Police are saying this man is not a suspect, but a person of interest. Star-News Online has already run the story, and you can see it here.

While you have that page on screen, find the story titled, "Unsolved Mysteries: 5 Women Killed, Dumped" in the Related Links on the left, or you can go to it here.

There are 5 other unsolved cases of murdered women in the Wilmington area going back to 1995.

We have a Full Moon tonight, Folks!
Is it starting to feel like it?

PS - I have already hit the Publish button when I got this incoming from NC Wanted.

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Jim said...

Bill, here's a link to the story about Debbie Key and Allison Jackson-Foy:

- Jim Ware