Sunday, October 11, 2009

Birthday for Charley Project

The Charley Project will be 5 years old on October 12, 2009.

The predecessor for the Charley Project was the Missing Persons Cold Case Network, (MPCCN) founded by Jennifer Marra, who was also one of the founders of the Doe Network. She resigned from MPCCN on December 2003, turning over control to Meaghan Good, who ran it until March 2004. At that time the site was attacked by hackers and had to be taken offline. Meaghan founded the Charley Project on October 12, 2004, using much of the original content of MPCCN.

Meaghan Good also has her own birthday just one week earlier. She was born October 5, 1985, and has recently turned 24 years old. You can read about her here.

On August 23 this year Meaghan was interviewed on Blog Talk Radio, and you can check it out here.

Here is the Charley Project data on Debbie Key.

Here is the Blog.

The Charley Project is named after Charley Ross, a boy who was kidnapped for ransom on July 1, 1874 in Germantown, PA, when he was 4 years old. He has never been found since.

Families and friends of missing persons owe a debt of gratitude to this one-person network, who has done a great service for all of us. Meaghan has earned my personal thanks a long time ago.
Happy Birthday Meaghan. Happy Birthday Charley Project. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

I think Jennifer Marra was the lone founder of Doe Network. Some kind souls eventually volunteered to help her but I think this Michigan woman started Doe Network on her own. After she turned over the management to the current admins of Doe, she then started MPCNN. :)

Bill Widman said...

Thank you for the info.
I will definitely look into it. I want to give credit where it is due.

Bill Widman said...

Me again - here to say Anonymous is correct. The Doe network was founded as a website by Jennifer Marra in 1999. Ownership of the site was turned over to Helene Wahlstrom in 2001. More volunteers joined starting in March 2001.

Anonymous said...

As of now, 27th of January the site, is suspended? Why??

Bill Widman said...
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Bill Widman said...

The Charley Project Blog is still open. If you go there, you will find out what happened.