Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Michaela Garecht

For anyone who is still not 100% completely outraged yet over the slack job of keeping tabs on Phillip Garrido by his parole board, I think this story would do it.

As investigators continue to look into possible connections between Garrido and some unsolved missing children cases of the same time and space, the one that stands out the most is the case of Michaela Joy Garecht. It will soon be 21 years since this girl was abducted, supposedly by the same fiend, November 1988 in Hayward, CA. The parallels between Michaela and Jaycee Dugard go on and on and on.

The mother of Michaela Garecht, Sharon Murch, has never given up hope that her daughter may yet be found alive. This mother deserves much credit for making sure everyone gets the chance to learn about her daughter's story. Here she is being interviewed by one of my favorite people, Todd Matthews, for the Missing Pieces Show.

Sharon Murch was at the scene while police were digging up bones at the Garrido home, and has been the guest on several TV and radio shows telling her story. Her faith has inspired many parents who are still hoping to find their own missing children.

This is Michaela's story on America's Most Wanted.

Michaela's story in The Charley Project.

A childhood friend who had witnessed Michaela's abduction describes what she has seen.

Her official website,
and her mother's blog.

Whether or not you believe the cases of Michaela Garecht and Jaycee Dugard are connected, you would have to agree that the parallels are remarkable, and that the spirit of Michaela's mother is truly impressive.

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