Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jennifer Schuett: Voice of Victory

This story may sound unbelievable, but I have checked out several sources and found it to be true.

On August 10, 1990, in Dickinson, Texas, a little girl, 8 year old Jennifer Schuett, was abducted from her bed out of her bedroom window. The abductor carried the girl to his car, drove her to a field, raped her, then slit her throat. She was left lying naked on an ant hill bleeding to death. 12 hours later she was found and brought to a hospital.

Now here is the amazing part of the story.
That little girl is still alive! She is now a young woman of 27 years. Doctors told her she would never be able to talk again, but she proved them wrong. Her voice is still being heard. She lived to tell her story, and to seek justice.

Now here's the really good news!
On Tuesday October 13, 2009, Dennis Earl Bradford was arrested in Little Rock, Arkansas, thanks to DNA evidence he left behind at the scene of the crime. His drivers license photo from that time 19 years ago is a near perfect match with the composite sketch from Jennifer's description.

America's Most Wanted tells the story of Jennifer Schuett's victory, the arrest of Bradford, and to top it off, an interview with John Walsh and Jennifer in a video I'm sure you'll enjoy!

A nice reminder that sometimes justice does prevail!

Thank you Doreen Prior for calling this story to my attention.


Doreen said...

Oh my have not stolen any story from me..what ever you see take
it and get it out there..let the world know..
Courgae & Hope Bill is what helps ou family survive..also special friends
who we have met along the way..
like you...

Bill Widman said...

Doreen is responding to a message I've sent to her confessing to have stolen this story from her, which she had posted in Chris's Crime Forum. It was my funny way of thanking her for sharing it. I had expressed appreciation for the "courage and hope" that this story inspires.

Doreen manages the Sharron Prior Website about her sister. (see Links list)