Saturday, August 23, 2008

FDK in Lights

Every once in a while I like to do something artistic. I used some of my red, white, and blue lights that I use for my 4th of July display. This is currently on exhibit in my driveway.
Back to School

School starts back on Monday for Orange and Chatham counties.
When I was a kid, (Yes, I said 'was') we got the whole summer off. By that I mean we didn't go back to school until September.

We had only black & white TV, you had to get up off your butt to change the channels, and the closest thing we had to a video game was the pinball machine. But at least we had the whole summer off from school.

Folks older than me, (Yes, some people are) claim to have had to walk several miles to school, usually through 3 feet of snow, (I guess they were still coming out of the Ice Age then) after getting up at 3:AM to do farm chores before going to school.

I promise you I won't get like that. I won't complain about how hard life was before we had computers, or before spanking was considered child abuse, but I do complain that kids today are getting short changed on summer adventures.

I heard they still read books in school. Is that true?


Anonymous said...

Très artistique, Bill. A nice tribute.


- said...

And being a Canadian, I CAN actually claim to have trudged to school through 3 feet of snow. Never got up at 3 a.m. to tend to chores though...and glad of it.