Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another Fraley (Jamie)

Reading about Atlas Fraley reminds me of another Fraley I have read about a few months ago. However, I don't think the two have anything more in common than a last name.

Atlas Fraley is a black male, over 6 feet tall, and weighs 250 some pounds.

Jamie Michelle Fraley is a white female, who is 4'8" and around 90 pounds.

No, I don't think the two are related to each other.

I can imagine a woman that size would be very easy to carry.
Jamie is a missing person from Gastonia, NC, since April 8, 2008. In the same county (Gaston) and about a month later, Ira Yarmolenko was found murdered.
That may or may not be related. I don't know.

There is at least one other missing person case in this area that I know about, but more on that later.

Jamie Fraley's apartment had been found locked, with her purse, ID, and keys still inside. The only thing missing from her apartment, besides Jamie, was her cell phone.
Jamie's cell phone was found 3 miles away by a construction worker.
Her last call said that she was going to the hospital.

So what makes me bring it up now? Because it bothers me that I have not found anything new about this story since then, except for this rather bizarre twist of the tale.

Jamie had a boyfriend, whose father had recently been released from prison, for killing his girlfriend. Believe it or not, he soon found another girlfriend. The man's name was Ricky Simmons, or Simons, or Simmonds.
I'm sorry, but I have found his name spelled 3 different ways, and I don't know which is correct.
This man was found dead inside the trunk of the car of the ex-girlfriend, Kim Sprenger, early this summer. Kim had placed a restraining order against him, as his behavior was making her and her neighbors uncomfortable.
For reasons one can only guess, Ricky decided to hide in the trunk of Kim's car, where he died of heat. It was 90 degrees during the day at that time. Items Kim was missing, including a set of keys, were found on Ricky's body.

Ricky Simmonds (however it's spelled) was a person of interest in the disappearance of Jamie Fraley. The police have lost their chance to question him about her.

I have found no more news on this missing person since then.
Of all the sites I've searched, this one seems to have the most information.
Another good one.

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Anonymous said...

I've known Jamie since we were in 5th grade. I'm trying my hardest to get the word out about her. Her birthday is in 2 days. I've been searching the internet to find out anything I can, but it seems like she is missing without a trace. Nobody can just disappear, so I'm not giving up.