Thursday, July 03, 2008


Once upon a time, in Washington, DC,
there lived a young boy who grew up to be me.
Washington DC was a fun place to be on the 4th of July
when they filled up the sky
with a bang and a boom and the great fluffy plumes
and the fountain of lights
that dance and delight in the eyes of a child.

My Mommy and Daddy took my brothers and me
to the Capitol Building where we could all see
the brilliant display taking place in the sky.
This we did every 4th of July.

The west side of the Capitol on terrace of steps
all the way down the hill
giving plenty of places to sit and be thrilled.
Facing the Monument, reaching up to the sky,
with pyramid cap and winking eyes,
that you see wherever you go in DC.

This I remember, as clear as can be,
the young boy I was growing up in DC.
And so to this day I continue to play with bright dancing lights
every year on this day.
This is the way I celebrate the day, and if you come out my way,
you will see a display.

I sit with my neighbors, the young and the old,
the shy and the bold.
Together we share in the dazzling glare.
With hot dogs and burgers, sodas and beer,
This I look forward to every year.

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