Friday, July 18, 2008

"Bones" Case Update

Still no progress to report on the DNA testing of the bones found in Wilmington, but police now have a man being questioned in connection to this case.

Some news stories do not give the man's name, as it is uncertain if he should be considered a suspect, a person of interest, or just some nasty-assed lowlife who likes to abuse prostitutes.

NC Wanted and WWAY have given his name, so I will too. He is Timothy Iannone, 47, a cab driver in Wilmington with a violent history, who has been seen in the area where the bones have been found. WWAY includes a photo of the man, who doesn't look much like the composite sketch, if you ask me.

Local ladies of the evening have identified him as a man who has committed all manner of evil things against them.

Allison Jackson Foy was last seen getting into a cab at the Junction Billiards parking lot, 3 miles away from where the skeletons were found.

Now I've got some links for you.

Thanks to Jim Ware for calling my attention to this development.

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