Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Video Now Available

For those who have missed it --
A video of NC Wanted's "The Disappearance of Debbie Key - Part One" is now available on the NC Wanted website. Use link from the links list.
Part Two is on Saturday April 26


Joy said...

Please wear a filter when you hear about Debbie's being a "lush" or going off with strangers in exchange for free beer. She was discerning in her relationships, and was getting over a bad break-up. She may have had a few more than usual, but she would never have gone off with some schmuck who thought he was going to trade booze for sex. If people thought that, they were wrong.

Bill W said...

Joy is correct. Any one of us can tell you that Debbie was a lot more ladylike than that.
What we have here is another example of the "blame the vistim" syndrome.