Saturday, March 29, 2008

Remembering Sharron Prior


It was 33 years ago today that Sharron Prior was brutally murdered.
It was a Saturday, same as this year, but it was Easter Weekend, in Point St. Charles, Montreal, Quebec.

Sharron Prior was a beautiful 16 year old angel of a girl who was getting ready for Easter when she was raped and beaten to death. The Prior family has never been able to enjoy Easter since then. Her killer(s) has never been found. Her family remains without closure.

Sharron's sister, Doreen Prior, maintains a website in her memory.
I have met Doreen through the blog of Who Killed Theresa?, and we have become pen pals. Doreen has never given up on bringing her sister's case to a close.
Today she is very active in the efforts of helping to solve cold cases, finding missing persons, and lending support to grieving families.

I am asking all visitors to this blog to visit the Sharron Prior Website today. This time of year is a very difficult time for this family. Please remember Sharron, and help to make this day a little less painful for the Prior family, who have all done so much to serve others in need.

Please refer to the Sharron Prior link on the Links List on the right of this page.
Thank you very much.

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Bill Widman said...

Here is a letter I've received from Doreen Prior today.
Hi Bill, Sorry about the delay in writing to you about the interview with Todd Matthews. Wow! And thanks for Anon transcribing the episode. I heard you speak with Todd! What beautiful memories. You sounded great!
A lot of information came out that I didn't know about. I have forwarded the transcript and of course your website dedicated to Debbie to all my friends, and will put something up on Chris's forum.
"person of interest", I think about those words often.

"Thinking of you, Debbie's family and special friends, who will never give up!"

March 29th here again. 33 years has come and gone. But Sharron's memory lives on. Today I will remember Sharron's laugh, her smile.
There is a story about Sharron that has been put up on Sharron's site today.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and encouraging words. We are so lucky to be in contact with so many friends.
as John said, "I hope that one of these cold cases get solved in my lifetime"

Doreen & Family
And here is My reply.

Glad to hear from you Doreen.
I've been thinking about you all day.
Did you see my write-up about Sharron in my blog today?

Thanks for your feedback on my interview with Todd. I was afraid I didn't do very well. I always said I am a better writer than I am a speaker. What you said makes me feel a lot better.

No one mentioned Sharron on the WKT? blog (yet) so I have taken the liberty.

I haven't written anything in Chris's Crime Forum yet. I'm still getting the feel of it. I got pretty confused that there is another Doreen in there.

When this message came in I was reading the True Crime Diary from the link in your latest blog post. Good story, but I wish I could make the text bigger. Is there a secret to that?

In 1975 I was 20 years old. I was born in 1955. I am wondering if I may be the oldest member of the blogging team. One thing I am sure of is I am in good company.

Peace and blessings