Sunday, March 16, 2008

Letter From a Reader

Not all visitors to this website are registered bloggers, and many of the comments I receive arrive via e-mail by clicking on the "Contact" tab. Since the murder of Eve Carson my inbox has been getting flooded. I have decided I should be posting some of the better messages I've been getting, and would like to start with this one.

In all branches of the US Armed Forces, military personnel are sworn in "To defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic."
Gangs are to be considered as domestic enemies of our nation, and dealt with as such.
If America is to declare war on terrorists, criminal gangs are to be included.
Gangs are terrorists by definition. They rule by force and fear. They deprive us of our freedom to walk our own streets, to feel safe in our own homes, and in Chapel Hill, our right to have our traditional Apple Chill Fair.
It is not the organizers of Apple Chill, nor the participants, who are responsible for the shoot-out that occurred on Franklin Street after the fair was over. It was a Durham street gang who was responsible. Yet it was decided to cancel the Apple Chill Fair because of this.
This is not the American way.
America does not surrender to terrorists.
Gangs of criminal nature should be regarded as domestic enemies and not as citizens.
They contribute nothing to our community but fear, death, and destruction. It is time we take steps to reclaim our right to live as a free and peaceful community in our own country.

Would anyone care to comment?

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Mara said...

Thanks for writing this.