Friday, June 12, 2009

Class of 2009

In my rural Chatham neighborhood, the most popular resident is Alex Ross. Alex is graduating from Northwood High School today.

At the age of 12 Alex had started his own newspaper.
At the age of 13, Alex came over to my house to show me how to use my new (to me) computer. I was embarrassed to have to admit that even though I am more than 3 times older than Alex, I only know less than half as much about computers. But young Alex was easy on me. He didn't make me feel dumb when he had to explain things to me. I will always appreciate that.

As a teenager Alex learned all about video equipment, and has made himself a major contributer to this website. He always knew what to do with pictures, and I got him to film "Storm Front at Carrboro Day," for my musician friends' first YouTube video. Alex also made excellent video for me from when we were on NC Wanted.

If you can find "Local Computer Care" in my Links list, you can find the website of Alex Ross. You can contact him to help with any video or computer projects you may have planned.

Because of his many contributions to my cause, I feel duty bound to bid him congratulations on his graduation.

Here's to you, Alex!

Now just imagine what he'll be doing once he's into UNC!

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