Monday, June 01, 2009

Birthday for FDK

June 1st is the birthday of the FDK website.
We are now 2 years old.

Once again I have been contemplating if I should continue or not.
In the beginning I said I would quit the website if no one showed up for the candlelight vigil. Attendance was good, so I kept on going.

Last year was very successful with getting media attention, so I didn't even have to think about it.
This year I asked for feedback from some friends to help me decide.

There's a female friend I am rather fond of, so I tend to listen to her. She reminds me of how, on the first part of the journey, I wanted to write about plants and birds and rocks and things, but ended up writing about crime instead. It was sad to think that everyone I write about is dead.
(Thank you, America)
This person says there are more pleasant things I could be writing about.

And then there was the opposite extreme.
There was this person who suggested that a website about a murdered or missing person should be more "serious," and have less of the "Funny Little Bunnies," and other goofy stuff I like to do.

I've decided that too many of us have a dreadfully negative attitude towards death, and I should try to make a positive example.
For this reason, I have selected this tune by Mike Oldfield to offer in response.

RIP - Paul Kemp
May 23 1958 - May 26 2009
Another Friend of Debbie Key


Anonymous said...

I've been trying to think of a way to say Happy Birthday or Anniversary that would seem appropriate, but with anniversaries for websites such as these, it doesn't seem possible, but this I will say, "Bill, you are doing what you're doing because it's what YOU are meant to be doing."


webspinner said...

The important thing is to keep the memory of Debbie Key fresh in peoples minds. Whether you do that with Funny Bunnies or crime reports of other murdered women is not really an issue.

Debbie Key had a sense of humor and a love of animals so I don't think you are missing the point when you add goofy cartoons or rock tunes to the blog.

It is very sad that so many beautiful young women get murdered. It is even more sad when their murderers and rapists are not brought to justice but continue to prey on other victims.

I think keeping the Andrew Dalzell story alive will help to bring his career in crime to a suitable end. As long as the website and blog exist people will have a place to come for more information if some new evidence is uncovered. Keeping cold cases alive is not easy.

I for one, think you have been doing a great job with the blog and attracting media attention not just to Debbie Key's story but to this enormous problem in our society.

Bill Widman said...

Webspinner --
I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. Thank you very much!

Anon --
I'm afraid I have to agree with you. It does seem the Universe is telling me this is my job.