Wednesday, December 31, 2008

RIP Caylee Anthony

So now it looks like little Caylee is laid to rest, George and Cindy are cleaning up their act, and Casey spends her holiday without family or friends.

There were times when I wondered if George and Cindy realize they have made asses of themselves in the public spotlight. Now I am starting to have good feelings for them. It began with my reading about them giving the memorial stuffed animals to needy children for Christmas, and it continues with what I have just read here.
(Thank you Doreen Prior)

Perhaps, with the discovery of Caylee's remains, George and Cindy have come to realize that Casey is not so innocent as they have claimed before, or that they can no longer persuade anyone to believe it. Either way, it seems they have turned around, just in time for Christmas.

Meanwhile, Casey sits alone in her cell, while the rest of the world celebrates. Does anyone feel sorry for her? It doesn't look like it. Who can say she didn't bring it upon herself? She won't even be allowed to attend Caylee's funeral.

Caylee's story has rocked the world from July to December, gaining more public attention than any other news story this year. Caylee's short life has become a story that will never be forgotten.

And it's not over yet.

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