Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Memorial Toys go to Charity

I like stories where something good comes out of something sad.

A makeshift roadside memorial at the scene in Orlando, FL, where the remains of Caylee Anthony have been found, has been growing each day since the announcement came. The memorial consists of cards, letters, balloons, flowers, and hundreds of stuffed animals.

On Sunday the hundreds of stuffed animals have been collected and donated to the Orlando Union Rescue Mission. 89 homeless children who are being housed there, ages 18 months to 10 years old, have received these toys as Christmas gifts.

But not everyone is happy about that.
There are those who say the stuffed animals were given as a memorial to Caylee Anthony, and so they must remain.
George and Cindy Anthony made the decision to give the toys to the rescue mission, and some say that it was not their call to make.

Still, there are more who believe that the stuffed toys would be ruined by the weather if left outdoors, while we have needy children who would not have much of a Christmas without them. Besides, the balloons, flowers, and other trinkets would remain at the scene as a tribute to Caylee.

Brad Conway, the Anthonys' attorney, had this to say.

"The Anthony family knows that what Caylee would want is for some other children to have these gifts. She always shared her toys with other kids, and they know if Caylee was here, she would share these."

A survey was taken on these conflicting opinions, and you can see it here.

My opinion may not be worth a whole lot, but it's free.
I say when it comes to Christmas, the children come first.
Also, I believe we should always remember those less fortunate, and that living children would appreciate these toys more than anyone else.
Isn't that what Christmas is about?

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Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I think Caylee would have been delighted by the opportunity to give the stuffed animals to the children at the shelter. Children really appreciate that kind of thing.
When my husband was in Phi Theta Kappa, his group held a Christmas party for children at the Polanski center for children in San Diego,Ca. My husband is a rotund fellow with a full beard and sparkling blue eyes. He bears an amazing resemblance to a certain fellow who is well loved by children all around the world. Toward the end of the party, after the cookies and the punch, my husband sat down for a moment to rest. A small girl immediately climbed on board his lap and they had the following conversation:
"Santa":Well, hello. What's your name?
Girl: Janie*.
"Santa": Have you been a good girl this year?
Girl: Yes, I didn't even cry when we buried my mommy in the ground after my daddy murdered her. It was really weird. I don't know why my daddy did that, and Santa?
"Santa"(struggling not to cry himself): Yes?
Girl: I could really use a Barbie doll for Christmas this year. Mommy was going to get me one, but now she can't.
"Santa": Barbies are pretty popular. They might be on back-order, but I'll see what I can do.
At this point the little girl gave Santa a hug and a kiss and climbed down from his lap.
Girl: It's okay if you're all out of Barbies. It's been that kind of year. Maybe next year will be better.
"Santa": I certainly hope so!
Santa made it all the way to the car before he burst into tears.
We didn't have much money that year, but if we could have supported her, I have no doubt that my husband would have cheerfully taken that little girl home and adopted her.
Whenever possible, we do something for children at Christmas. We still think about that little girl. We will always pray for her, and others like her.
I hope and pray that all of your readers have a wonderful Christmas and that they remember how lucky they are that their children have living parents who love them.

Bill Widman said...

Thank you, Anonymous,
for that sad but beautiful story.
I'm sure all my readers will appreciate it as much as I do.
Merry Christmas!

Sharron Prior website said...

yes...maybe next year will be beter!

Thanks for sharing