Friday, February 08, 2008

The Wizard of Blogs - Part 4

So spoke the Wizard --

"For thousands of years, Humanity has never realized itself as a whole, except in the visions of great seers. Humans have always identified themselves by their race or tribe, their faith or nationality. For thousands of years humans have maintained the delusion that their customs and beliefs make them right, and all those who do not practice the same are wrong. Tragically, the enlightened teachings of the great seers have been used, by their supposed followers, to maintain this division."

"It is the Internet that has eliminated national boundaries between people, and has made distances between them irrelevant. For the first time in human history, individuals throughout the world are able to communicate freely with one another."

"While there are those who continue to send false messages of fear and hate, we can use this same medium to promote world peace. We CAN do this, and we WILL!"

"Let us remember that the flying monkeys are still out there. Although they no longer have a leader to unite them, they are still capable of damage on their own."

"But for now, let us celebrate our newfound victory. The Wicked Witch of the West is no longer a threat to us, thanks to the efforts of Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, and C-Lion."

There is an applause in the Wizard's great hall, as he steps down and approaches the table where our friends are seated. He then talks directly to them.

"Scarecrow," he says, "tell us what you've learned since you've teamed up with Dorothy."
"That although no one knows everything, everyone learns something that others do not, so everyone has something to teach us."

"Tinman, what have you learned?"
"That even though the enlightened teachings I have read have been around for centuries, there are always those who need to be reminded."

"And you, C-Lion?"
"The more that we share, the more we become aware."

"And you, Dorothy, I know that it was your work that has brought this team together, and that it was your inspiration to bring your message of happiness to the World Wide Web, so that others may find the happiness you've found. This I wish to support, and I promised to reward you all, so let me show you what I have for you."

"Now when you get home, you will find you have a new house, with rooms for all of you, so that you can continue working together. There will be new computers for you, equipped with the best security systems available. It is my hope that you will continue your great service to humanity."

As Wizard spoke, he went over to where he had longest instrument panel any of them had ever seen. Walking along and typing on keys, he continues addressing his audience.

"Blogs have been created so that people can share what they've learned with each other. They give each of us a forum to speak in, allowing us to express what we feel and believe in. This is good! As long as positive energy is being transmitted, I will be there to support you. Wherever there is clear communication, mutual respect, and good intentions, the seeds of peace are sown.
Now take a look at the new website I have made for you."

On a large screen that covered the entire wall, the most fantastic image appeared. A magnificent rainbow arched across the sky, with sparkling letters in bright colors, along with singing birds, fluttering butterflies, and flowers everywhere. It had happiness written all over it.

"And this is just the home page!" Wizard said.

Dorothy and her friends get out of their seats and walk up to the screen. They are speechless. Finally C-Lion breaks the silence.
"So what do you think, Dorothy?"
She replies,
"There's no place like our home page!"

And so it was, my dear readers, that I have come across this story of Dorothy and her friends, who have since then been busy looking for other websites that bring positive messages to us, and linking up with them, creating a network.
Every now and then I get a ping from Dorothy, reminding me of the importance of transmitting positive energy with every message we send, in hope of bringing peace to the world.
Now I pass this on to you. May you do the same.

Wishing you peace and happiness;
Wild Bill

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