Friday, February 29, 2008

Brianna Denison 1988 - 2008

Brianna Denison is not a person I know personally, and I'm sorry to say I never will. But what I do know about her is this.

She was a beautiful 19 year old woman who's body was found recently in Reno, Nevada, about a month after she went missing in January.
She is loved by many, and you can tell.

Type the name "Brianna Denison" into any search engine, and you may be surprised how many pages you will find about her.
Or go to YouTube and enter her name, and you will find a few pages of videos about her in there too.
She is all over the news, and all over the Internet.

You won't have to look far to learn her story, but I suggest you go to

Her killer is still at large, but I am glad to see that so many people have come forward to pay such loving tribute to this beautiful soul who has lived in our world.
I am sure she will forever be remembered.
And I believe that as long as a person is remembered, they will always be with us in spirit.

I don't have to tell the story of Brianna Denison, because her story has already been told. But I do feel compelled to mention her at this time.
There are lessons to be learned here,
but you don't need me to tell you that.


Anonymous said...

So many lessons to be learned.

When I first heard the news, I had to almost tune out, it was too much...not again, please not again. After so many of these stories one would think that one would become desensitized, but for me, it's becoming almost unbearable.

I still cannot look at her picture too closely because for many years I dreamed of having a daughter and in my dreams she looked just like Brianna. I have a son exactly her age, it's almost to much to think about.

Thanks for that link Bill, and the post.

Anonymous said...

Reno Police Arrest James Biela for Brianna's murder.