Saturday, June 21, 2014

Does this gun make my butt look big?

Overheard; a conversation among friends getting ready to go out on a shopping trip.

Marge: "I can't decide which assault rifle to take. Does this AK-47 go with my purse? How about the M-16?"
Tess: "Honey, nothing goes with that purse! You so need to get a new one."
Violet: "I don't know. Maybe with the right belt, but then you'll need to get a new holster to go with it."
Marge: "Well you definitely want your belt and holster to match."
Tess: "I was thinking of a purse with a bandolier shoulder strap, and maybe a compartment for carrying extra clips."
Violet: "You never know when you'll need extra clips!"
Joanne: "Well if you're going to carry an AK-47, you have GOT to have some nice boots to go with that!"
Tess: "Honey please! That's a Russian rifle! If you want to look more American you should go with the M-16!"
Violet: "Yeah, but there's something about the AK that says you mean business!"
Joanne: "You got that right! Now about the boots..."
Marge: "I was thinking something like English riding boots."
Violet: "With a knife sheath on the side?"
Joanne: "Now THAT would be kicking!"
Violet: "What do you think of this M-1 Carbine?"
Tess: "A little out-dated, but still practical."
Marge: "I like its clean lines and low profile. It will go well with nearly any outfit."
Joanne: "Definitely! Now help me pick out a sidearm. Do you like the .45 or the 9mm?"

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