Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spam Wars

So, why haven't we seen any new posts lately?
I'm glad you asked!
It seems to me the spammers have been getting more and more aggressive these days, and Blogger has been targeted. Now whenever I'm online I'm spending a great deal of time just cleaning out the garbage in here. Meanwhile, I'm missing out on important news events that are happening now. I guess that means have a fight on our hands.


jkey said...

why has the da chosen to stall the investigation of Deborah Key ? After dalzell was released in 2005 a witness contacted the da. The witness Mr Davis informed the carrboro pd that he saw dalzell on the roadside @ 5:00 pm 12-01-1997 and stoped to help with possible car trouble. Mr Davis gets out to talk to dalzell and sees Deborah in the back seat of dalzells car. Mr Davis tells dalzell that Deborah does not look too good and that dalzell better get her to the hospital. dalzell replies that, it is too late for that. dalzell then said Deborah why did you make me do it. At this point Mr Davis left, as he was currently on probation. Mr Davis contacted the da when he saw on the news that dalzells confession was supressed and dalzell was released. Mr Davis was interviewed in March of 2005 after dalzell was released but before the murder charges were dropped. With such a witness why would a da chose not to move forward with this case? Is it due to all of the negatve publicity the da and police were receiving? If the case goes away so does the negative press. Based on Mr Davis information the da could have and possibly still charge dalzell with accessorie to murder after the fact and tampering with evidence.

Bill Widman said...

I was waiting to see if anyone else wanted to reply to this comment. I'm disappointed.

I sincerely believe the Carrboro PD would have done anything they possibly could to solve this case. I believe that if they had a witness who saw Dalzell with Key's body, they certainly would have acted on this information.

If you can offer any proof to this claim, then I sure as hell do want to see it!

Again, I'm surprised this comment hasn't provoked much response, but I can promise you this;
If you can back up your claim, it will surely make big news!