Monday, May 03, 2010

Madeleine McCann Anniversary

Madeleine McCann has been missing since May 3, 2007.
Her birthday is May 12, 2003. She was almost 4 years old when she went missing, and will soon be 7 if still alive.

Also known as Maddie, she went missing from Proia Da Luz, Portugal, while on vacation with her family, from the apartment where they were staying.

Here is the McCann's official family website
and blog.

Here is a very nice tribute page made to Madeleine in Facebook.!/pages/Madeleine-McCann/29095946153?ref=search&sid=1847184243.418146390..1

Todd Matthews is 40 years old today. Mr. Matthews has done more for missing persons, I believe, than any other living individual I know. Happy Birthday, Todd! Keep up the good work!

The trial of Demario Atwater continues today here in NC for the murder of Eve Carson.

On Wednesday May 5, it will be 2 years since the murder of Ira Yarmolenko. There is a tribute page to her in Facebook as well.!/group.php?gid=13079847854&ref=search&sid=1847184243.3600478404..1

And tonight, Bill Tomsick goes on the radio to talk about getting NASA to help find missing persons. Get access here.


Sharron Prior website said...

so so sad Bill,, thanks for making us aware of this little angels anniversary.."bless you little one "hold on"


Kat said...

Hello, I tried to post once before, but I was asking Bill if he'd heard of I post on Charley, not sure if you remember me. It's run by a french girl but she posts us cases and its pretty cool. I hope this goes tghis time. Just thought it would be a good link.

Bill Widman said...

Of course I remember you, Kat!
We met on the Charley Project Blog. How nice of you to visit the FDK Blog and leave a comment! I'll check out the Unsolved Blog.

Kat said...

I think here I am...not sure how to navigate your comment section yet. Thanks for answering!

Bill Widman said...

Looks like you're doing good so far, Kat. Thanks for telling me about Unsolved In The News. (I was wondering what "itn" was) I was able to find it easily, and I agree it's worth visiting. Maybe I should add it to the Links List, do you think?

Kat said...

Dang it, I can't get the hang of this commenting. I tried to post the other day. Um, ok. I forgot to mention I think that she also covers a lot of international stuff on that page too...Britain, Australia, Ireland, etc. Not sure if that's quite what you are looking for but it sure is an informative site and a great read. She updates daily. I can't see any harm in adding it if you think your viewers would like it!

Bill Widman said...

You keep saying you can't get the hang of it, yet here's another comment you have entered.

Comments are moderated here, so if you don't see your comment entered right away, that's the reason why.

Now if you take a look at the Links List over on the right, you just might find "Unsolved in the News" has been added.

Kat said...

Cool! I just had a chance to get back here, have guests....thanks for adding that, if I see anything else I'll send it your way if that's alright.....