Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa Visits Carrboro

'Twas awhile before Christmas when all through the town,
not a person was smiling. They were all pretty down.

I was walking down Main Street 'til I came to this spot
called the Bank of America parking lot.

Whenever I come here I always remember
a friend who went missing the first day of December.

At the Jade Palace Restaurant across the street
I was joined by some friends who I happened to meet.

We greeted each other and remembered the reason
we tend to be sad on the Holiday Season.

A fellow spoke up and said "That's enough!
I'm tired of hearing this old Debbie stuff!

"Get on with your life. Get this through your head.
Life is for the living and Debbie is dead."

Then down on the street came a reindeer-drawn sled
with a fat jolly fellow all dressed in red.

We knew right away just who it was.
Who else could it be but Santa Claus?

He was handing out gifts as he stepped from his sleigh,
and everyone's sadness seemed to just melt away.

As a crowd gathered 'round at the sight to behold,
he turned to the fellow who had spoken so bold.

"Regardless of if you've been naughty or nice,
listen to me and I'll give you advice.

"Everyone you encounter becomes part of you.
Remember that someday you will die too.

"With those who are living share your love and your cheer,
and also with those who are no longer here."

Santa then turned his head and he looked right at me,
saying "I too remember your friend Debbie Key.

"The Spirit of Christmas she held close to her heart,
and she still shares our love even though we're apart.

"She celebrated life from beginning to end.
My advice to you... Keep on blogging, my friend!"

He returned to his sleigh and said "I believe
I will see you again on this Christmas Eve!"

He then shook the reins and took off down the street
to the sound of thirty-two reindeer hoof beats.

The people were standing in shock and in awe,
each asking if this really was Santa they saw.

And I heard him exclaim as he rode out of sight,
"Merry Christmas to all, and keep up the good fight!"


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty neat poem, BIll.

And don't worry about the people that don't 'get' what you're doing. You're not doing it for them anyway.
You know who you're doing it for...
...and why.


webspinner said...

This is a great little poem Bill!

Bill Widman said...

Thanks Webspinner
You are the first ever to submit a comment on Christmas Day.

Thanks to you too, 'Anon'
Always good to hear from you!

This is one third true story and two thirds Bill's imagination.

It was true up until Santa appeared, and my imagination had to take over then. I used Santa to represent the Spirit of Christmas, which actually did appear.

A new comment from a reader.
What a nice Christmas gift!
Merry Christmas!