Friday, February 06, 2009

Thank You, God!

I promised someone that I would open my next post with the above 3 words. As to who it is I made that promise to, I'll let you guess.

Sometimes it is very hard to believe in God.
Like when someone near and dear to you is taken from you, in a senseless act.
It doesn't help when those who claim to be His followers are such idiots that you try to avoid them.

But sometimes it is very easy to believe in God.
Like when you're sitting at home watching TV and, suddenly and unexpectedly, there's something in the news you were waiting for so long, you forgot you were waiting for it.

Add to it that it was the very next day after the Yarmolenko trial, and my mind begins to wonder if some mysterious forces may be at work.

Andrew Dalzell has been arrested.

We were all waiting for the time he would get in trouble again. It was bound to happen, we all said. (I know I did!) He has always gotten in trouble before, and he will certainly get in trouble again. Getting in trouble is one thing he does well. The day will surely come,
lets hope and pray that when the day comes, the slippery fish doesn't slip through the cracks again.

So I get online, and look at all these messages.

John Allore picked up the story before I did. It certainly wasn't the first time, and likely won't be the last.

A message from Carolyn Hutchison, Carrboro Police Chief.

A reporter named Kevin Ellis with the Gaston Gazette wants me to call him.

Several messages from Joy and other friends, one of them telling me how Joy was "captured" by WRAL News.

My heart is beating fast as I take this all in.
Moisture forms in the corners of my eyes.
Do I dare believe...?

Would Dalzell more likely get a fair trial in Buncombe County than in Orange?
It's hard to argue with that, especially considering that he didn't really get a trial at all in Orange County.

Now that right there is the thing that's messed up the most about it.
Dalzell was the one who should have been on trial, but the Carrboro Police were the ones on trial.
Hey, what's wrong with this picture, Folks?
I mean, weren't the CPD the ones doing everything they could to solve the case?

I have it on good authority that the CPD has made the sincerest efforts. I have always and will always stand by them on their efforts. It was the DA who opposed them in a double-cross that is to blame.

So what was that question again?
Oh yeah,
Will they make it stick next time?

Throw enough of it at the wall, and just maybe...?

One thing I know for sure.
If they slap his wrist and let him go, the public outcry would be downright frightening!

Special thanks also to the Buncombe County Sherrif's Office.
Now here's a new link.


Anonymous said...

You certainly did say it, Bill.

From Missing Pieces transcript:

BILL: I’m optimistic. I am very optimistic. Andrew Dalzell is a simple-minded person and even his friends and family admit this. He has a long history of getting in trouble with the law; he is bound to get in trouble with the law again. This poor guy has been described as a dim bulb, he has psychological problems, which is why his family and his defense attorney have worked so hard to defend him. Someday he’s going to crack. Someday he’s going to slip up. He’s walking a dead-end street. I’m confident that someday he’s going to run into a confrontation with the law that he can’t wiggle out of and this will come flying back at him. This guy can’t go far. He’s a person who is in very bad shape, who has never been able to keep a job for more than a couple of weeks, who has been living off of his parents most of his life. He can’t go too far. This case will eventually be solved.

TODD: I think so.

BILL: I am confident in that.

Bill Widman said...

Guilty as charged!
Yes, I confess, I did say all that.
Thank you for pointing it out.