Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm Back!

After a long, hard, knock-down, drag-out fight with AT&T, I have finally regained the use of my home phone and Internet service. It was with the help of my neighbors, who were kind enough to let me use their phone and computer, and the Pittsboro Public Library, that I was able to keep up (sort of) with the blog. Having limited time online, I haven't been able to do much. But now I'm back online on my own, and have a whole lot of stuff to catch up on.
If you have been ripped off by AT&T, I would like to hear from you. Feel free to use the comment button.

Speaking of catching up...

Theresa Allore's birthday was October 12. She would be 49 if she were alive today.
John Allore, who is alive and kicking butt, has made a series of YouTube videos telling the story of his sister. There is a mention of our friend Debbie in the story.

Susan Iannone, wife of Timothy Iannone, has visited this blog and submitted comments. See "ID on Wilmington Bones."
I have promised Susan Iannone that I would post the following correction:
Timothy Iannone is NOT in custody, nor has he ever been for this case.
(my bad)
I will try to explain why Wilmington police have been unable to find enough evidence to make the arrest, as soon as I am able to understand it myself.

The family of missing person Allison Jackson-Foy has found closure with the ID of the human remains found in Wilmington back in April. Her sister, Lisa Valentino, has released a lot of material about the case, which I plan on sharing after I get it sorted out.

Halloween is an important holiday to me, as all of my friends know. The creepy and spooky decorations, which are now all over my yard, are just for fun. But to me, the real meaning of the holiday is to remember our friends and family who are departed, and this is very important to me.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Bill. Glad you took on the big guys, and even gladder that you won!


Bill Widman said...

Thank you, Anon
It sure feels good to be back!

Sharron Prior website said...

Good to see you Bill!
Have you caught up yet?
Glad that you stuck by what you believe in!

LOVED the Ghost Hunter Visit


Bill Widman said...

Thank you, Doreen
Always glad to hear from you!